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Community Impact & Grants

Heidi Badgett Grant Applications are accepted yearly.  If your orgainzation meets the below requirements, you may contact our office to be placed on our application notification list.  Please mark your calendar for mid-June and monitor your local newspaper/radio outlets for the 2018 application release and submittal dates.

Fund Priorities:

1.  Grants that support projects where several agencies collaborate to address the stated need;

2.  Seed money for innovative projects with matching funds;

3.  Funding for ongoing programs that have matching funds; and/or

4.  Capital campaigns with matching funds, if a maintenance plan for capital project is shown.


1. Agency Partnerships and Collaboration Grants will be awarded only to partnerships involving two or more agencies (organizations).  Each partner must play a vital role in the single program for which the grant is being requested and each partners’ role must be clearly defined in the application.  Partners could include a combination of any of the following:  private agencies, government agencies, churches, Family Resource Centers, schools (public, private, post-secondary institutions), or other human service agencies.  Each agency partner must be a not-for-profit, fiscally accountable, and in operation for more than two years.

2.  Health and Educational Needs of Children Programs for which application for funding is made, must address the health and educational needs of children ages birth to 17 years old and their families.  A Specific program is eligible for funding from this grant for a maximum of two years with application process repeated for the second year.

3.  Monitoring Progress The partnership must submit a Semi-Annual Progress Report by December 31st Of the Award Year and a Final Report by May 31st of the Following Year with additional information/documentation as requested.  Outcome based measurements should be used to evaluate success of the program.  Upon the conclusion of the grant year, the partnership will submit the final report including an accounting of fund expenditures and volunteer activities utilized.  

Selection Process

Grants will be awarded based on the recommendations of a volunteer committee consisting of from ten to twelve members representing the three counties to be served.  Committee members will use a point scoring system following the outline that follows.  After initial review of the applicants, committee may request additional information.  The grant will be awarded in full at the beginning of the grant period.  A semi-annual report of grant progress and results is required.

To be eligible for allocation funding, non-profit organizations must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization operating for the benefit of the residents of Hopkins and/or Muhlenberg Counties. United way of the Coalfield does not support funding to individuals, faith-based institutions for religious purposes or expansion of church facilities or operations; or the use of funding for agency personnel salaries.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 270-821-3170 or emailing